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You've Been Going About Getting Love All Wrong

There are four roads to a man's heart women try

Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions

Three of these are wrong

  Mind will get you interesting conversations...but he won't fall in love

Body will get you hot physical passion...but he won't fall in love

Spirit will get you a meditation partner, friend and you as an understanding woman who will wait around...but he won't fall in love

Emotions...are the only road that leads to his heart...yet

Most women fear sharing their feelings authentically

Not knowing that this is exactly how he falls in love!

To make matters worse, women think "being themselves" and professing their "feelings" is being authentic...they are also getting this DEAD wrong.  This will make a man run for the hills.

Finding your authentic feelings and sharing them is a lost art and skill in our modern world.

I will teach you exactly how and your love life will transform right before your eyes.

Avoid wasting one more day, lost and confused not able to figure out what you're doing wrong

YOU WILL LEARN what to do and say at the fragile beginnings of dating when you feel awkward and unsure around a man you really like and you feel could be “the one.”

YOU WILL LEARN what to do when your sweet man suddenly says something that stings and you are unsure if you should confront him or pretend it doesn’t hurt.

YOU WILL LEARN the secrets of the “naturals…”  the women who seem to have it so easy wrapping men around their fingers with zero heartache and drama.


YOU WILL LEARN finally the answers that you wracked your brain and heart over the nights when you cried and felt confused and no one had a clue what the real solutions were.

YOU WILL LEARN the simple and shocking truth and how easy it is to make some small changes that add up to BIG results in your love life!

YOU WILL LEARN what to say and how to get back in touch with your feelings and express them in a way a man can feel in his heart and never want to let you go.


Weeks one and two is all about getting to know my program and philosophy


Weeks three and four is learning how men think and approach relationships and introduction to life-changing tools


Weeks five through eight is the essence of my program where you will begin to change behavior patterns and do the tough inner work.  It's intense and requires courage...and it works!

Happy thoughts from Purely Loved clients

No book or course could do what Brenda has done for me. I’ve read all kinds of books and took courses that were helpful but Brenda made all the difference. She helped me put lessons into practical use and tailored it to my unique situation. Having access to her via Voxer when I felt triggered or panicked was a lifesaver. Knowing information is one thing but putting it into practice is another and that’s what Brenda helps you do. I’m incredibly grateful for her. 

Don’t wait. Don’t think. If your relationship is in jeopardy, hire her now. You won’t regret it.

Drea Fecht Copywriter

Brenda has been helping me open up to my feminine energy and prioritizing my emotional needs in relationships. With her collaborative and responsive style, she gained my trust. I’ve found myself working through one of the truest roadblocks in my relationship past, one that slipped through the cracks in therapy. I am grateful for Brenda and highly recommend her.

Elizabeth R. NY, NY

Free Falling in Real Romance – The Eight Week Program of Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get and Keep Pure Love

Hi, this is Brenda.

Not a day goes by that my clients say things like:

  • We are connecting deeper than ever and I thought we were on the verge of breaking up!  You. Are. Amazing.
  • He stopped texting me and making plans with me all of a sudden and I didn't know what to do!  After saying the script to him you gave me word-for-word he apologize for being distant and wants to be near me all the time now!
  • I had given up on dating with zero prospects...now I have multiple men vying for my attention asking me for a commitment!

The difference is one-on-one coaching processes I learned from Master Coach and my mentor, Rori Raye, with accountability and learning how to manage and utilize our emotions to be energy which attracts love

Click below to fill out our application.  Please allow yourself at least a half-hour to answer the questions...this is your gift to yourself to dig deep and discover what you want out of life and relationships.  I will then contact you to see if you are a good fit for my one-on-one 8-week coaching program.

You must be highly motivated and focused with at least as much commitment you have to your career, if not more.


Suspend all judgment and be surprised!

Yes!  I'm ready to do the work!

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